Is my information secure when I place my order?

We have done our upmost to make sure using our site is as safe as it can be. Sensitive and private data exchange between this site and its users happens over a SSL secured communication channel and is encrypted and protected with digital signatures. Our site is also in compliance with PCI vulnerability standards in order to create as secure of an environment as possible for users.

What size are Faded Days sunglasses?

138mm wide, 48mm tall, 140mm depth

What counties do you ship to ?

Faded days UK will ship to any country within the EU.

For shipping times and prices please see our shipping section.

For shipping within the U.S.A please visit our US store info@Faded-Days.com

For shipping outside the EU please e mail info@fadeddays.co.uk

Where can I buy Faded Days?

Faded days are exclusively available online on our official websites.

If you have any other questions please email info@fadeddays.co.uk