At Faded Days, your happiness is our top priority, as guaranteed as that extra biscuit turning up at the bottom of the cookie jar when you thought you’d already hit snack rock bottom!

Here’s the lowdown on our return policy:

For our splendid UK customers: Feel free to change your mind! You can return any item for any reason within 14 days of delivery—no questions asked, although we’re always curious if it’s because you’ve had a style epiphany or just decided you look better in a different shade of cool. Whether you want an exchange or a refund, just make sure the product is unused and still looks as snazzy as when it arrived. Do keep in mind, refunds will have a minimum £3.95 shipping fee subtracted – that’s less than a grande latte!

How to get the ball rolling: Just shoot us an email at with your order number. Our team is quicker on the email replies than a cat on a laser pointer!

For our fabulous international fashionistas: We love sending our gear around the globe and will do our utmost to ensure your order arrives in tiptop condition. However, all international sales are final—like a mic drop after a fabulous performance. So, please order as wisely as a wise man (or woman) on a mountaintop.

For the bespoke crowd: Our prescription products are tailor-made just for you. Like a custom-tailored suit, there’s a 50% restock fee if you decide to return these, because we can’t just rehome them like cute puppies.

So, whether you’re here in the UK or located somewhere more exotic, we’re committed to making your experience smoother than a jazz saxophonist on a Saturday night. Thanks for choosing Faded Days—where the sun never sets on cool!