About Us


Our Story...

Faded Days was founded in 2011 in good old US of A by my best friend from school Ben. After moving to Orlando to chase the American dream/girl he took it upon himself to create a sunglasses brand from nothing after spending too much money on expensive sunglasses he would then lose or break.

Faded Days was created to provide affordable sunglasses that not only looked good but were durable enough to survive those crazy summer parties. 

After a little bit of success he approached me about launching in Europe and FDUK was born. 

After a few years we stumbled upon a problem neither of us even new existed. After countless emails and social media comments we realised we and almost every other sunglasses company were neglecting a large group of people who simply could not get decent sunglasses to fit their big beautiful faces.

In 2019 after a successful Kickstarter campaign our XXL line was born. The feed back since we launched our sunglasses for large heads has been immense. Those with larger head sizes often have a difficult time finding sunglasses that fit properly and look good, so we decided to change that. Going forward, a large part of our focus will be on providing the "wide head sunglasses", underserved market, with the best fitting, most attractive sunglasses for big heads. The goal is to have a really solid selection of great looking sunglasses for all of our customers, no matter their head size. It's not a big enough market to interest the big manufacturers, but because we run lean and mean, (I'm very mean), it's a lovely space for us to be able to sow our creative juices.

That said we will always provide for all head sizes so if your size is Classic, Large, XL, or XXL Faded Days has you covered.

Much love and always stay Faded.....