Big Brains, Big Frames: The Ultimate Guide to Prescription Sunglasses for Larger Heads!

Big Brains, Big Frames: The Ultimate Guide to Prescription Sunglasses for Larger Heads!

Introduction: Embracing the Grandeur of Generous Head Sizes

Hello, my fellow wide-headed warriors! Ever felt like a giant in a world of petite sunglasses? Squeezing into those 'one-size-fits-all' frames is more 'one-size-fits-none', right? If you're nodding (and causing mini earthquakes), then you've come to the right place. Today, we'll guide you through the joyful journey of finding those perfect 'extra wide prescription glasses'—because your majestic melon deserves the best!

The Epic Hunt for the Perfect Fit

Imagine embarking on an epic quest, not for treasure, but for the perfect pair of sunglasses. For those of us blessed with broader brows, this quest often seems daunting. But fear not! 'Wide frame prescription sunglasses' and 'XXL Prescription Sunglasses' are not mythical objects. They're very real, and they're spectacularly showcased at Faded Days, a haven for those of us with larger-than-life craniums.

Why Choose Faded Days? Comfort Meets Cool

At Faded Days, the understanding that 'The best prescription sunglasses for large heads' need to offer both style and comfort is fundamental. They boast frame sizes of 165mm, 155mm, and 145mm—sizes that don’t just fit, they flatter. Say goodbye to the era of tight, uncomfortable frames that leave marks and hello to sunglasses that you can wear all day without a second thought.


Beyond Size: The Features That Set Them Apart

It's not all about size, though that's a huge part of it. Each pair from Faded Days comes with UV400 protection, keeping harmful rays at bay. They're polarised as standard, reducing glare drastically, which is a lifesaver on sunny days or when water and snow are involved. Plus, they're FDA impact resistant, which means they're tough—just like their wearers.

Choosing Your Champion Frame

The adventure begins when you choose your frame at Faded Days. The options allow you to reflect your personal style—be it sleek and modern, or classic and timeless. Just like in a role-playing game, you select the character that best represents you, only this time, it's the sunglasses that do the character building.

The Ordering Odyssey: Simple and Swift

Navigating the Faded Days ordering process is smoother than a calm sea. Here's how it goes: Pick your frame, select your lens type, send over your prescription, and finalize your purchase. It's streamlined, user-friendly, and quicker than you can say “sunglasses on, world off.”

Frame Selection Strategies

Choosing the right frame involves considering more than just width. Think about the shape of your face—oval, round, square? Then consider the frame shape that complements it. Faded Days offers a variety that guarantees you won't have to compromise on aesthetics for the sake of fit.

Lenses to Live By

Your lenses are your windows to the world, so choose wisely. Faded Days provides options for every lifestyle. Whether you're an avid reader needing clear lenses or an outdoor enthusiast craving polarised protection, they have you covered. Customize your sunglasses to enhance both your vision and your daily activities.

Seamless Prescription Integration

Uploading your prescription is a breeze. Whether you upload it directly via their website during your purchase or email it to them later, Faded Days adapts to your schedule. They understand life gets busy, and they flex like their durable spring hinges to accommodate you.

Conclusion: Celebrate Your Unique Size with Style

In the world of oversized heads, Faded Days reigns supreme. They provide the sizes, styles, and superior service that make sunglass shopping a delight rather than a dilemma. Embrace your impressive intellect and expansive forehead with frames that fit fantastically.

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This enhanced guide aims to make your journey from sunglass frustration to fashion-forward functionality as delightful and informative as possible. With your new knowledge, choosing eyewear that fits your face and lifestyle is just a few clicks away. Happy sunglasses shopping, and remember, big heads lead to big ideas—especially in choosing big frames!

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